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Viva la trowel!

In a similiar attempt to revive this place, I will post my survey answers in a new post!
Does that make me a rebel?

1.If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be? I like the name I have. My parents almost named me Jessica, and I guess that name would fit me. It feels right. But I'm Lauren. That's who I am, and I won't change it.

2. What is the most random word you can think of right now? Defenestration.

3. Post a story involving this word.
She leaned out the window, looking down at the sidewalk twenty-seven stories below. All that way down, at his body sprawled on the pavement like shattered china. Fine, broken china.
"Defenestration," she said, giggling as she closed the dictionary behind her.
Curiousity really did kill the cat.

4. Name three things you love about snow. One, it clings to my hair and eyelashes, which makes me feel beautiful. Two, it makes everything clean and pure. Nothing is dirty in snow. And to conclude, it unifies everything. When snow falls, everything is coated in white, and for once everything in the world has something in common.
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