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Driving...or Lack of it?

My Holy Jesus! This community looks like someone whacked it over the head with a herring!

This looks like a job for.....Carpet-Hair Girl!!!!

So I was thinking about how it will be when I get my permit. My piano teacher thinks that I'll be one of those kids that get arrested right out of the DMV for crashing into baby ducklings or driving with their feet. Thanks Mrs. Beterbide. Actually, I get this feeling that I'll be more like one of those grumpy old ladies that smell like asparagus and drive 30 mph under the speed limit and have little cat bobbleheads in their rear window. I'm serious. When I went driving with my dad, I wouldn't go above 10 mph. My dad was like, " Madeline, why don't you try and go faster?" And I was like, " Are you frikkin INSANE???!!! I'm barely able to keep the car from going berserk and molesting pigeons RIGHT NOW!!!" And he would scoff at my blatant loserness. Now that I think about it, it's extremely sad that a man who plays the wait, BRAGS about playing the accordion would call me a loser. But then again, he is my father. Oh dear. Then I started freaking out because the car was going down an extremely small hill. The second the speedometer hit 11 mph, I was screaming, " OHMYGOD WHY IS THE CAR SPEEDING UP ARGH WE'RE GOING TO DIE AND OUR BONES WILL BE PICKED CLEAN BY HOMELESS PEOPLE!!!!" Actually, if I ever DO get a ticket, it will be because I caused the people behind me to die of boredom while waiting for me to speed up. So basically, I am a complete failure at being a normal teenager. Except for the hormones. And the obnoxiousness. And the sarcasm.
Ah well, you can't win all the time.

Jack Johnson is my love and I want to marry him!
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