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We're all a family, Under one sky, we're a family under one sky...

Bleh. I am so tired. I slept in until 1 yesterday. It was awesome. I love not having to wake up at 5:30, squished against a wet tent.
Here is what I learned at Camp St. Mary's:
1. Ticks DON'T DIE. No matter how much you smash them with a rock. I'm serious. It's terrifying.
2. Never trust a junior counselor with your kids.
3. Little kids are really really gullible.
4. Jumping out of a paddleboat without first checking to see how deep the water is is probably not a good idea.
5. Vantage points!
6. Camp songs have an amazing ability to NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.
7. Bathrooms should never be taken for granted. Thank God I didn't have to use those Port-A-Pottys...they smelled from about 200 feet away.
8. I hate waiting in line.
9. Don't let your campers have food of any kind in their tent, because it will inevitably get stolen and then there will be a big fight about WHO ate it.
10. Demolition is the funnest thing ever.
11. It pays to help make s' chocolate! Oh yes!
12. Mariachi music is awesome.
13. If the other people in your tent blatantly block you out with the tent wall, they probably think you are extremely weird. Especially if you balance water bottles on your stomach.
14. Little kids have REALLY short attention spans. Also, they never listen to you.
15. Dumping water on the camp director is always funny.
16. Never lose sight of your campers, because for all you know, they could be eating a handful of bark chips. (That actually happened to Jill...)
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